Golden Retriever



Health and Wellness

Our Canine guest’s health is importance to us.

The following are required to spend the day with us:


Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella.  

We cannot accept your pet without proof of vaccinations.


A negative fecal test is required before any dog's first stay with us.


Your dog must be flea free and have preventative on board <30 days prior to boarding. (We recommend an oral preventative to avoid an

y topicals on fur during play with other pets)


We can administer medications for an additional $5/day

Please pack all medications separately in their originally packing with clear instructions for administration.  

Behavioral assessment:

Your dog must undergo a behavioral assessment prior to his/her first play day with us.  This is to ensure they get along with themselves and others.


FULL DAY: (8 AM-6PM): $32/DAY

PACKAGE OF 10 $30/DAY ($300)

HALF DAY: (8 AM-12 PM) OR (1 PM-5PM): $22/DAY

If your dog is in need of medical care during his/her play day we have a Veterinarian on staff and to consult with and provide immediate care.